domenica 17 gennaio 2016

Fourth military team competition in Bern, April 22/23 2016 - Switzerland

Fourth military team competition in Bern

On 22/23 April 2016, the fourth international military team competition will be held in Bern. In six shooting exercises with assault rifle and pistol, shooting skills and minimum tactical skills will be tested in teams of two. The competitions will be held at the Sand shooting range in Schoenbuehl near Bern.

Foreign military personnel and reservists are entitled to participate, members of the Swiss Armed forces, the Border Guard and the police as well members of off-duty organisations. The number of participating patrols is limited. 36 teams will participate at the most.

On the evening before the competition, a joint event will be held to cultivate contacts.

Details about the event can be found in the particulars (in German only).

Application deadline is 10 February 2016.