domenica 27 luglio 2014

GRENADIER 2014 - from 24th to 29th August - Trainig Area LAINACH / CARINTHIA / AUSTRIA possibility to achieve the "Edelweiß-Badge" of the Austrian Gebirgsjäger (mountain infantry)!


The international military competition GRENADIER is organised in cooperation between Waffenkreis Infanterie/ Vienna Officers Association and HQ Bn 7/ 7th InfBrig. The competition demands from all participants a high standard of military knowledge and proficiency as well as flexibility, teamwork and the ability to cope with pressure.
During the competition the participants get a lot of instructions and training. So the competition will result in a high level of motivation and experience of the participants.

In this week of exercise the teams will get instruction on Austrian infantry-weapons and equipment. During the competition there will be stations with tests in general- and infantry specific skills like NBC, signal-service, first aid, tactics, orientation but also courage and endurance tests.

One day is reserved for an alpine-march to give the soldiers the possibility to achieve the "Edelweiß-Badge" of the Austrian Gebirgsjäger (mountain infantry). Additionally there will be theoretical test about military basic knowledge, life fire exercises with assault-rifle, pistol, sniper rifle and other infantry weapons.

Language of the exercise is English and German.

Host of GRENADIER 2014 is the 7th Headquarter Battalion and the commander of the Battalion COL MEURERS.

Last year soldiers of 15 nations parcitipated on the GRENADIER 2013.


  • Arrival: latest 24th August 1800
  • Competition: 25th to 28th August
  • Departure: 29th August recomended. (until 1200)
  • Location: Training Area GLAINACH / Carinthia / Austria


  • Comparing own military skills with teams from other nations
  • Exchange of experience and techniques
  • Advancement of international contacts and partnership regarding international missions


  • Physical and mental strength
  • Profound military knowledge
  • Practical military skills
  • Teamwork


  • Soldiers of the Austrian Armed Forces
  • Soldiers of foreign Armed Forces (active or reserve)
  • Members of Austrian or foreign police forces
  • 33 teams max., each 3 persons (99 participants max.)
  • 1 person in charge max. for each team (33 persons max.)


Equipment you don't carry with you - you won't have!!!
We recommend to carry along the following equipment:

3 BDU's (minimum two for the exercise and one for the awards ceremony), sleeping bag, backpack, canteen, mess tin, compass, flashlight/torch, first aid kit, knife, gloves, cold weather- and rain protection, pen and writing pad (water proof).


the participation is at your own risk!
personal health insurance (travel insurance) is recommended in case of injury.
The organizer and/or the Austrian army can not be held liable in case of injury!
All damages or injuries have to be covered by personal liability- or casualty insurance.



participant generally: EUR 150.-- each person

austrian participants on base of fWÜ/fMA: EUR 30.-- entry fee each person

companion: EUR 130.-- each person

arrival at saturday 23th August 2014: EUR 30.-- each person


for registration the form below should be used:
registration form teams SEE WEB SITE LINK

exclusion of liability

each participant has to sign the exclusion of liability! Without this exclusion a participation is not allowed.
exclusion of liability  SEE WEB SITE LINK


check-in deadline: 25th August 2014



additional information

for further information and registration please get in DIRECT contact with the competition staff. 



sabato 19 luglio 2014

Third International High Mountain March with Shooting Competition from August 14th to 17th in Kaprun - Austria - National Park Hohe Tauren

31. Internationalen SchieBwettkampf "Wappen der Stadt Köln" am 29/11/2014 - Cologna - Germany

Territorial Army State Command NRW provided the call for the competition in German only. 

The competition “Wappen der Stadt Köln” (Crest of the City of Cologne) is a team shooting competition for civilian and military teams consisting of -4- members. 

The disciplines are

1.       assault rifle G36: distance 200 metres, 10 ring target; 3 sighting shots, 9 shots competititve (3x prone freehand, 3x kneeling freehand, 3x standing freehand)

2.       pistol P8: distance 20 metres, 10 ring target; no sighting shots, 12 shots competitive (6x standing freehand, 6x kneeling freehand)

3.       AGSHP simulator (assault rifle G36): distance 100 metres, 10 ring target; 3 sighting shots, 10 shots competitive (standing freehand)

Basic accommodation including board can be provided in the air force barracks close to the shooting range. Transport to the shooting range is included. Awards ceremony and prom take place after the shooting competition at the sergeant´s mess. 

Starting fee is 100€ per team including accommodation, board, transport and prom ticket, non-shooting escorts pay 15€ for the prom ticket. 

For registrations please use the form provided with the invitation (“Anmeldung”), the form asks (in order of appearance) for team name, name and rank of the team leader, street with number, zip and city, phone number and finally email address. 

After sending your registration form (preferred via email), you receive data collection forms for each team member, which need to be returned until 2014/10/15 fully filled, you get your team number and you get the details of the bank account, to which the starting fee is to be transferred.