giovedì 19 giugno 2014

XV international Shooting Cup of the Reserve Officers Association of Estonia - 6th Sep 2014 - Võru, South Estonia

We invite You to participate in the XV international Shooting Cup of the Reserve Officers Association of Estonia for prizes put out by the Commander of Estonian Defence Forces.

The competition takes place on 05.-07.09.2014 in Võru, South Estonia.

Information and registration on the site 

3.Vielseitigkeitswettkamft unm den Sudeifelpokal 2014

domenica 15 giugno 2014

XXIV GRIFO Military Patrol Competition 28-29 june 2014

GRIFO 2014 is an evaluative exercise day and night, and with an ongoing and active opponent represented various tests including technical-military patrols in the first phase will schedule the action to be performed and, subsequently, penetrate hostile territory  with strong enemy presence to fulfill the mission that will be assigned to them. Patrol of three elements. 

Italian language program at the following link

more information

Sezione UNUCI Perugia tel/fax 075-5722903 (saturday 10.30-11.30 - fax H24)
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I°Cap. Tullio Crovato 0039 329. 2309307 
Cap. Maurizio Cini 0039 335. 8223399
Ten. Roberto Mancini 0039 339. 3711235

VI International Paracuthist Triathlon - Trofeo Scuola Militare Paracadutismo Tradate - Saturday, 28 june, 2014 - Sunday, 29 june 2014 - ITALY

organizzato dalle Sezioni A.N.P.d’I. di: Saronno, Tradate, Como, Varese, Milano 
Riservata ai paracadutisti appartenenti: all’ Associazione d’Arma e ai Reparti in servizio nelle Forze Armate Italiane. 

Keeping trained participants: parachute  launch with military equipment, to march topographical shooting with pistol caliber semi-automatic rifle and 9; so that the members of the Association of Firearm retain the capacity for integration in the Italian Army Forces Completion and can participate in the competitions organized by the UEP (European Union of Paratroopers). Strengthen the bonds of cooperation and camaraderie among the staff of the Department paratroopers in service and staff on leave, which was taken in the Association of Firearm.

Requirements for participation

Those routinely prescribed for participation in the activity to dropping under military control ANPd'I. (See timing requirements to launch Circ. ISPEARMI 1,400)
The investment team is composed of 2 elements designated in advance.
Type of competition and equipment
- N. 1 PV parachute airdrop exercise type MC1 C;
- March topographic weighting of about 10 kilometers;
- N. 3 scenarios of shooting with firearms, (provided by the National Shooting Tradate) with
use of handgun Beretta 98 ​​FS, semi-automatic carbine Kalashnikov AK47 caliber 223 mm.
Registration and or fax 0039 02 9620113.

Italian language program at the following link

mercoledì 11 giugno 2014

HÆRVEJSMARCHEN - 27/28 june 1014 - VIBORG (DK)


We set Hærvejen in motion with an unusual race for walkers, runners and cyclists.
It's about exercise, solidarity, experiencing nature and fascinating cultural history under the motto:

The Dream • The Challenge • The Adventure

Hærvejsløbet 2014 will be held on Friday/Saturday 27-28 June 2014.

We offer:

A stage race on Hærvejen from Flensburg to Viborg - nearly 300 km over 2 days.
There are 30 stages between 5 and 15 km and you can compete in however many stages you have the desire and energy for.
We run in a collective group at an average speed of 10 km per hour.
A cycle race along Hærvejen, starting from Flensburg, Vejen or Silkeborg and finishing in Viborg.
This means 270, 160 or 50 km of road cycling, where we prefer team cycling in different pace groups.
Hærvejsmarchen (Hærvej’s March) in and around Viborg.
Hærvejsløbet is a development project and the vision is to create Denmark’s largest exercise arena.
DGI, Viborg Municipality and Hærvejsmarchen are behind the race.
The arena is Hærvejen and the development project will form the basis of inspiration for exercise activities on and along this arena all year round.
We have initially focused on walking, running and cycling.


Hærvejen is located on the Jutland Ridge and for centuries it was an important route for armies, cattle drivers, traders and pilgrims.
As traffic from the late 1800s and onwards gradually transferred to trains and then cars, Hærvejen lost its importance as a thoroughfare through Jutland and the link between Denmark and the rest of Europe.
In recent decades, Hærvejen has been gaining in popularity as a recreational route for walkers and cyclists.
The infrastructure of Hærvejen has improved considerably and in the eyes of many Danes, the route has become a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Hærvejen’s characteristics were determined by the last Ice Age, when the present landscape was formed as the ice melted.
It formed the Jutland Ridge and with it the watershed where watercourses either run east to Kattegat or west to the North Sea.
As a result, the nature up through Jutland is extremely varied and increasingly hilly as Hærvejen approaches Viborg.
Hærvejsløbet wants to be involved in developing this natural beauty route into an arena for physical activity for recreational athletes from both home and abroad!


lunedì 2 giugno 2014