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2th American Airborne Operations - October 2011


Cari Colleghi ed Amici Unuci,
invio le informazioni in inglese del Corso Di Paracadutismo di cui il Cap. Alberto SPINELLI sara' nuovamente Istruttore e Direttore di Lancio il prossimo 4 Ottobre 2011.

Come gia' avvenuto con successo lo scorso Febbraio Coranno, il corso prevede sia lanci di paracadutismo sia per allievi che per esperti anche con nuovissimi paracadute tondi direzionabili Usati dalle force speciali presso il NPTC .

Per informazioni i contatti del Cap. Spinelli sono:
Cap.Alberto Spinelli

All American Airborne Operation 2011:

Operation Screaming Eagle 2011 was our first Abn Op in the US an immediate a great success in last February!

INTERNATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONSOPERATIONS® is running another similar operation in Dunnellon. Pictures from our last operation you please find here:

All American Airborne Operation 2011:

This Operation will train novices in the US, in parachute basic training and interested fellows from all over the world who ever wanted to jump directly in the US, INTERNATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS® offers All American Airborne Operation 2011 as beginner course on Round Canopy parachutes.

Term: October, 4th until 9th 2011

Details about the jumps:

All American Airborne Operation 2011 is open to beginners, (Students) in parachuting and experienced military static-line jumpers and qualified and licensed freefall jumpers. In addition, if you are not on current Airborne status but meet the requirements, you may join us.

Drop-zone: Airfield Dunnellon/ Florida

Jump-ship: C-47 Dakota that actually flew on D-Day, in original WW2 colors and Cessna 180 for training our students

Training and briefing:
- In the English language, executed by US military instructors
- On round-canopy system (i.e. automatically deployed)

Parachute system:
Main: MC1-1D, MC1-1C or SF-10A as requested (All are steerable military-round-canopy system i.e. deployed by S/L)
Reserve: T-10R MIRPS or SLCP, as requested.
Freefall: Own freefall system

Number of jumps:
Students: 5:
- 2 jumps from a Cessna, (Single Tapout w/ Radio)
- 3 jumps from the C-47, last one with equipment bag

Experienced: 3 jumps from the C-47, last one with equipment bag

Freefall: 3 jumps from the C-47, low altitude

Altitude: In between 500m (1500ft) and 900m (3000ft)

Parachute Student training:

All American Airborne Operation 2011 is open to parachute beginners. The Student will be trained on round-canopy system. Besides instruction on the parachute systems, jump-ships and DZ given to all participants, Students in parachuting will receive intensive training in exit-position, behaviour below the parachute, malfunctions and parachute landing falls. All Students will also be trained in packing their Parachute.

Please take in consideration that 90% of all Airborne units around the world are still jumping rounds by i.e. automatically deploying. Our round-canopy course will open the door for you to join our world wide operations!

Jump wings: We will have an Cambodian Jump-master confirmed to award Royal Cambodian wings with official certificate. Jump-masters from 2 other nations will join as well. Details on request.

For more information please visit our website by following link:


Deadline for registration is September, 1st 2011, if not filled earlier. Only limited places available – first come – first serve! If you pay the full price by September, 1st, a deposit of the half price is to be transferred to our account. Registration form upon request by

Antonio Pianta
Unuci Miami
Sezione MOVM Luigi Durand de La Penne

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Netherlands International Shooting Competition for Reserves 15, 16 & 17 October 2010 - Army Camp "HARSKAMP"

The "Netherlands International Shooting Competition for Reserves" will take place during the weekend of 15, 16 & 17 October 2010 and will be organized by the Reservists Shooting Commit­tee of the Netherlands Armed Forces Federation of Reservists (NRFK), which is a co-operation of the associations for reserves KVNRO and AVRM.

This competition has the official approval of the Commander-in-Chief of the Netherlands Army Forces.

NISC is the Dutch contribution to the International Military Shooting Competitions within NATO and partner-states.

1. Dates: Friday 15 & Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 of October 2010

2. Locations:

- Hotel & Mess: Army Camp "HARSKAMP"

- Shooting: Infantry Shooting Camp (I.S.K.) at HARSKAMP,

the Netherlands

3. Participation:

Participation in NISC 2010 is open to teams consisting of 3 marksmen.

A maximum of 45 teams can be enrolled !

NOTE: Civilians cannot have access to any military facility nor NISC


Registration and enrolment will be on a "first come, first served" basis.

A maximum of 3 teams per participating organisation is appli­cable.

Additional places can be offered if the maximum of 45 teams has not

been reached.

Friday 15th of October 2010

Arrival starting from 16.00 hrs. Diner, Briefing and weapon instructions and social evening.

Saturday 16th of October 2010

Opening ceremony, followed by the shooting competition.

In the evening gala-diner with prizes awarding ceremony and social.

Sunday 17th of October 2010

Breakfast and farewell

5. The Shooting Competition

The NISC 2010 competition will comprise three shooting exercises: the Glock 17 pistol, the rifle Fal 7,62 mm and the rifle Diemaco C7 5,56 mm.

Briefings & Weapon Instructions will take place on Friday 19.30 hrs.

A. Pistol Glock 17

"Glock 17" Self-loading PistolThe Glock exercise starts with a sighting practice of 5 rounds standing in 30 seconds. Practices 1 to 3 are counting practices. Practice 1 is 10 rounds in the prone position in 20 seconds on 1 target. Practice 2 is 10 rounds kneeling in 20 seconds on 1 target. Practice 3 is standing 2x5 rounds in 30 seconds on 1 target, consisting of centric circles with points. All these practices are at a distance of 25 meters.

B. Rifle Diemaco C7

The Diemaco C7 exercise starts with a sighting practice of 6 rounds in 3 x 30 seconds at distances of consequently 100 meter, 200 meter and 300 meter.

The counting exercise starts with practice 1: standing 10 rounds in 30 seconds at 1 target at 100 meter. Practice 2 is sitting 2 x 4 rounds in 8 times 3 seconds at 1 target at 100 meter. Practice 3 is kneeling 2 x 4 rounds in 30 seconds at 1 target at 200 meter Practice 4 is in prone position 2 x 4 rounds in 8 times 3 seconds at 1 target at 300 meter.

C. Rifle FAL

The Fal exercise is the same as the Diemaco C7 exercise.

During the day you have the possibility to shoot in a virtual combat at the small arms trainer, which is located in the army camp. This experience is not a part of the competition.

6. Costs of participation

The registration fee is € 195 per team, which has to be paid upon arrival at the registration-desk.

This amount includes the Gala Diner, awards, trans­portation and sleeping accommodation on an 6 persons team-bedroom for each participant.

On receipt of your application form(s) we will confirm your participation and sent you further details on the shooting competition and travel information.

7. Application of participation

You are asked to inform the NISC-organisation by E-mail about your decision to participate in NISC by using the application-form enclosed. The application form should be received by the NISC-organisation not later then the 30st of September 2010 (30-09-2010). You can send it to our E-mail address:

In case you want to send more teams: use a separate application form for each team !

Application forms are taken in and teams are enrolled in order of receipt. It is only possible to participate and register as a team.

Enrolment of teams cannot be guaranteed in case of receiving the application forms after September the 30st 2010. If any member of your team(s) is not able to come, a substitute from your organisation may take the vacancy instead. Please communicate any changes by e-mail before arrival as much as possible.

8. NISC organisation

The NISC-organisation consists of the Reservists Shooting Committee of the NRFK and holds the following persons:

Colonel G. Lettinga (Co-ordinator NISC)

Lieutenant-colonel R.J.G. Roelofs

Lieutenant-colonel Mr W.F. Roelink

Lieutenant-colonel G. van Eijk

Lieutenant W.P. van den Houten

Lieutenant H.J. Nix

Warrant-officer F.J. Droog

Sergeant-major T. van Leeuwen

9. Further information

If you have any questions or suggestions with reference to this letter, you may turn to:

G. Lettinga:

Tel: 0031-313.65.16.10 (home) or 0031-621.250.734 (mobile) or 0031-26.355.23.06 (work).